What is an iPhone proximity sensor?

Your iPhone 5’s proximity sensor switches off the display and touchscreen when your device is brought near your face during a call.

Why is the proximity sensor so important?

The proximity sensor is useful because it functions to (A) conserve battery power and (B) inhibit unintentional inputs from your face and ears, such as ending calls prematurely, dialing random numbers, or accidentally hitting some other call-interrupting button(s). This is a pretty super, well-devised sensor tool, huh? Sure is. Test it out. Make a call now. Witness the sensory magic at work.

Most times, you don’t really realize the usefulness and awesomeness of the proximity sensor until it fails to function.

How can you determine proximity sensor dysfunction?


If you are either dialing random numbers, ending calls unexpectedly, or putting your calls on mute during a phone interaction, your proximity sensor is failing to thrive.

What does this mean?

Simple. It means your iPhone 5’s proximity sensor requires repair.

Lucky for you, this iPhone 5 repair process is quick, straightforward, effortless on your part, and painless.

What does this iPhone 5 repair require?

Not much. Simply send iPhone Repair Miami Beach your iPhone 5 and we will replace your proximity sensor, putting a stop to all those unexpected, distracting occurrences during your precious phone interactions. The actual repair time only requires one business day! Impressive, right?

Say goodbye to all call disturbances and interferences.

Note: If you would rather perform this iPhone 5 repair yourself, you can purchase an iPhone 5 proximity sensor flex at iPhone Repair Miami Beach. Soldering is required to install this iPhone 5 replacement part.

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