In this tutorial we will show you step-by-step how to replace your charging dock, audio jack, cellular antenna, and microphone on the iPhone 5.

Warning: This iPhone repair will void your warranty. You are performing this repair at your own risk and we claim no responsibility for any damages that may occur.

This iPhone 5 repair is considered a medium repair. Set aside about 30 minutes to complete this process successfully.

To perform this iPhone 5 repair you will need:

  • #00 Phillips Screwdriver
  • 5 Point Pentalobe Screwdriver
  • Anti Static Spudger
  • Suction Cup
  • Tweezers
  • Optional: We recommend using MAGMAT and iSesamo for all iPhone repair needs. Note: All of these iPhone repair tools and products may be purchased at iPhone Repair Miami Beach.


Let’s get going.

1. Turn off your iPhone 5.
2. Remove the two bottom screws next to the dock connector.
3. Place the suction cup next to the home button and pull the glass assembly away from the back housing. Use the anti static spudger if you are having difficulties separating the front glass assembly from the back housing. Note: The glass assembly is still connected to the iPhone 5 by several cables. So, don’t try to remove it entirely just yet.
4. Remove the 3 Phillips screws securing the metal cover to the motherboard.
5. Use the spudger to disconnect the LCD, digitizer and proximity flex cables.
6. Remove the two Phillips screws securing the metal battery bracket to the motherboard and remove it. Use the spudger to disconnect the battery. Insert iSesamo on the left side of the battery. Remove the battery.
7. Remove several Phillips screws and the metal cover. Use the spudger to disconnect the charging dock and cellular antenna. Remove the seven Philips screws securing the loud speaker and charging dock onto the back housing.
8. Use the spudger to gently pry the loud speaker out from the back housing. Gently peel the charging dock assembly off the back housing. Make sure the flex cable does not get stuck under the motherboard. Make sure not to misplace the small metal washer. Peel off the loud speaker housing. Remove the rubber microphone piece and transfer it to the new microphone.

To reassemble your device, simply follow the directions in the reverse order.

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