Neter Pro and Neter Nano Compatibility

iPhone 4S
iOS 5 2G+3G+WCDMA (WCDMA need Verizon/Sprint/AU)
iOS 6 2G+3G
iOS 7 2G+3G (Verizon, Sprint perfect 3G after jailbreak)

iPhone 5
iOS 6 GSM+3G to 2G (Support 3G SIM Cards, but at 2G network)
iOS 7 GSM+3G to 2G (Support Sprint)

iPhone 5S/5C
iOS 7 GSM+3G to 2G (Support 3G SIM cards, but at 2G network. iOS 7 Sprint don’t work)


Neter Pro for iPhone 4S, Neter Nano for iPhone 5, 5C, 5S

(√) means it works direct;
(No) means no this version;
(√ A/C) means after install patch A or C it works;
(√ B) means after install patch B it works, this patch make you iPhone works at specified frequency;
(If this Frequency in your country is 3G or 4G, then your iPhone will availble for 3G 4G, in USA China it's EDGE, Mexico 3G 4G works)
(C-50%) means patch C 50% carrier's SIM card work, local buyer buy sample and check is necessary;

Cydia Source A: or,
Neter Patch B:, Patch C:;
When we say "operator" it means the iPhone where you bought from, "carrier" it means what SIM card you are using now.

Neter Pro
(For 4S iOS 6.0~6.1.3)
Neter Pro
(For 4S iOS 7.0~7.0.4)
Neter Nano
(For 5 iOS 6.0~6.1.4)
Neter Nano
(For 5 iOS 7.0~7.0.4)
Neter Nano
(For 5S 5C iOS 7.0~7.0.4)
AT&T (USA) √ A/C √ B/A √ B/A
Sprint (USA) √ A/C √ A/C-50% √ A/C √ A/C-50% √ A/B ×
Verizon (USA) √ A/C √ A/C-50% No No No No No No
T-Mobile (USA) No No No No √ A/C √ B/A √ B/A
Softbank (Japan) √ A/C √ B/A √ B/A
AU KDDI (Japan) √ A/C √ B/A √ B/A
Domoco (Japan) No No No No No No √ B/A √ B/A