iSesamo is an indispensable, easy-to-use opening tool.


The iSesamo tool makes opening your electronics as easy as A, B, C. This must-have tool for repair pros and DIYers is a thin, flexible and resilient steel blade that easily slides between panes of the most common electronic devices to pop them open in an instant.

Made of strong flexible steel and soft anti-slip grip material, iSesamo is the opening tool you want to purchase. The steel middle part features a smooth shaped tip and a stronger bottom part. Extremely flexible and durable, this opening tool will not break like regular plastic opening tools. The smooth thin tip allows this tool to go where other opening tools just cannot go.

Whether you are changing a battery, a display LCD, touch screen, hard disk, or other internal component, iSesamo makes accessing those components quick and painless. It is the perfect repair tool for iPod repairs, iPhone repairs, iPad repairs, Blackberry repairs, and many other electronic device repairs.

Unlike plastic spudgers, which are often too thick and only good for a single use, iSesamo's ultra-thin steel design allows for easy entry into microscopic seams and can be used over and over. It comes with a clear, flexible, rubber handle for maximum grip and precision handling as you work. Start using iSesamo now and never buy another opening tool again.

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If you still aren’t convinced of this tool’s amazing opening and repair capabilities, observe how easy iSesamo is to implement. Check out the iSesamo tool in action in this demonstrative iPhone repair video.

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