Fun fact: Did you know that when you take a picture with your iPhone’s native Camera app that your phone records not only the location at which you are taking the picture, but also the direction you’re facing and the altitude?

Yes, true story.

This piece of information was recently uncovered by Chris Cornelis, the developer of the PhotoMeta iPad app. This app unveils comprehensive photo metadata, including which direction you’re facing when the photo is taken, the altitude, and the geotagged location. Keep in mind, however, that the metadata will only be revealed if you have the appropriate location settings enabled on your iPhone and if you have snapped the image via the native iPhone Camera app.

According to the app developer, Apple added this feature in iOS6. The developer has confirmed it for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. It has also been confirmed for the iPhone 4.

Another app that reveals comprehensive metadata is ProCamera. This app also shows the direction, altitude, latitude, longitude, exposure, etc. Fun stuff.

Maybe you don’t care about all this various iPhone camera metadata. Maybe you find it useless. Or maybe you find it interesting. If you are curious about whether or not this actually works, download the PhotoMeta iPad app to play around with your iPhone’s recorded metadata.

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