Did your iPod suffer a really heavy fall? Did it end poorly, resulting in cracked glass and/or a broken LCD? No need to fuss. iPhone Repair Miami Beach will have your broken iPod back up and running in no time at all. It'll all be fixed quicker than you can say lickity split!

If you cracked the front glass of your iPod or broke and/or damaged the LCD we’ll get in there and render your iPod restored. With this iPod repair service we will replace your front glass as well as your LCD - all in one business day!

This iPod repair service is available for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation, iPod Touch 3rd Generation, iPod Touch 4th Generation, and iPod Nano 6th Generation.

If you just cracked the glass without any LCD impairments, iPhone Repair Miami Beach can, of course, simply attend to the cracked or scratched glass. If it's just an LCD problem, we still have you covered. We have an iPod Touch repair service that attends to your flickering, dimmed, or dead iPod screen. Whatever your iPod repair issue, we have services and solutions in place.

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Get your iPod mishaps ironed out. Call on iPhone Repair Miami Beach.