Our Glass Screen Protector is an ultra-thin layer of chemically-tempered glass. Nothing tops the functionality, feel and the clarity of the Glass Screen Protector. The performance is ensured by including a smudge-resistant coating coupled with a high-touch sensitivity.


100% Tempered Glass
Tempered Processed shield provides extensive protection from outside damages and scratches. 

Bubble Free
Once you release the glass on your phone, silicone adhesive does all the work. No squeezer need. Anti-Scratch with oleophobic coating, 9H Hardness prevents most scratches. 

Shatter Proof
Shatter Proof film minimizes damage when the glass is broken and helps to reduce damages altogether.

Oleophobic Coating
Our Tempered glass screen protector has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the film easy to clean.